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Mark Fish strongly believes in “The Power of the Ball” as an effective mechanism to empower the youth. The power of the ball theory is the basis of what established the Mark Fish Foundation in the summer of 2017. The sway of sport lies in its ability to introduce, inspire and influence positive change in an individual life. Sports can transform attitudes, build skills and, brings people together of all races and abilities.

Although most people might see a ball as a toy for an activity to keep children entertained, Mark Fish views a ball as a proposition to a lifesaver in a person life. The ball is an essential aspect of a shareable experience that transforms geopolitical, racial, economic and gender as well as intellectual constraints.

The basis that forms the groundwork of Mark Fish’s foundation is the exchange between individuals or teams and their experiences and together with their achievements.

The Mission

The Mark Fish Foundation is about transforming lives through the continuous engagement of communities and collaborative partnerships with individuals and corporates using sport as the platform. Together, we can change attitudes, uplift communities and empower individuals.

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