The Mark Fish Foundation supports LIV Village in Lanseria, Gauteng to assist them with their daily activities, errands and projects around the property that needed extra hands on deck to be complete.

“I am grateful, I can assist the LIV Village with the small things around the property as the little things can make a big difference in a vulnerable child’s life.”
Mark Fish spoke about his time helping the LIV Village in Lanseria.

The LIV Village Story

The story of LIV started in 1997 when a vision was birthed in the heart of Tich Smith, to build a village for orphan and vulnerable children where they will have a home with a mother who loves them, food to eat and, a school to educate them as well as where they will come to know God as their Father in heaven.

Tich also dreamed of creating jobs for individuals in surrounding communities. They can earn an income, look after their families and new orphans that come into the community. Tich, along with his wife Joan, has worked relentlessly been pursuing this dream and, 20+ years later. After much groundwork and building relationships in local communities, LIV has established an organisation looking after the most vulnerable of our society, the orphan children.

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