The Game of Stars in the Limpopo region is a joined initiative between the Mark Fish Foundation and Limpopo Agriculture, where Soccer is used as a platform for the rural and marginalized communities. The objectives of the initiative are to:

  • Develop farm workers (males and/or females) as well as rural farm schools through sport,
  • Bridging cultural and societal divides,
  • Creating a sense of community (shared achievement in teamwork as well as team-building better co-workers),
  • Provide Healthier lifestyle choices to addiction and gangsterism,
  • To reduce attacks and/or crimes on farms,
  • Improve labour relations between farm owners and their workers,
  • To find hidden soccer talent,
  • To provide a platform for rural communities to compete as well as getting recognised,
  • Continued development of future coaches.

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  1. It’s is really shaking the atmosphere hope we will have more teams participating in 2019

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