The Game of Stars in the Limpopo region is a joined initiative between the Mark Fish Foundation and Limpopo Agriculture, where Soccer is used as a platform for the rural and marginalized communities. The objectives of the initiative are to:

  • Develop farm workers (males and/or females) as well as rural farm schools through sport,
  • Bridging cultural and societal divides,
  • Creating a sense of community (a achievement shared due to teamwork as well as team-building being a better co-workers),
  • Provide Healthier lifestyle choices to addiction and gangsterism,
  • To reduce attacks and/or crimes on farms,
  • Improve labour relations between farm owners and their workers,
  • To find hidden soccer talent,
  • To provide a platform for rural communities to compete as well as getting recognised,
  • Continued development of future coaches.

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“Game of stars was initiated by Orlando Pirates Legend Mark Fish to give agri-workds a chance to showcase their soccer talent. According to the Mark Fish Foundation the tournament specifically develops agri-workers and rural school through sport. It is also bridges cultural and societal divides, and aims to reduce attacks and crime on farms”

Dawn Noemdoe from the Food for Mzansi

“The Mark Fish Foundation and Agri Limpopo embarked on the initiative to establish a sporting culture on farms, to use sport to uplift skillsets and in order to provide a platform for players to showcase their talents.”

Beth Coetzee from the Letaba Herald

Thank you to everyone that made this possible as well as all the sponsors that are involved that we forgot to mention. None of this would be possible without the players and the supports of the Game of stars tournaments!

If you would like to get involved as an individual or as a corporate sponsor, contact us on the below information:
Email:; Telephone: +27(0)67 007 3500
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  1. It’s is really shaking the atmosphere hope we will have more teams participating in 2019

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