Mark Fish took on the challenge to swim the Midmar Mile in February (08 – 09) 2020 in support of Breast Cancer. This was Mark Fish’s first attempt at the Midmar Mile, which is the largest open water swim in the world as well as an iconic sporting event in the South Africa calendar.

About PinkDrive NPC

PinkDrive NPC, a health sector NGO, was founded in 2009 by Ms. Noelene Kotschan, on the premise that “Early detection will help prolong a life.” PinkDrive’s cardinal purpose is to contribute meaningfully towards preventing as many people as it can, from succumbing to breast, cervical, and prostate as well as testicular cancer. Its primary focus is on citizens without access to reasonable care for these conditions, and who reside in areas where health services do not reach.

It recognizes that treatable cancers receiving even the basic levels of care could translate into varying lengths of extended life for the afflicted when detected and treated early. Its posture is ostensibly a promoter of health awareness in general, and specifically health education and heightening awareness of gender-related cancers in South Africa.

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