This year, Mark Fish decided to spend his 67mins of Nelson Mandela day, in the streets of sunnyside to help the homeless during the cold winter night.

The winter night on the street gets very cold and some homeless people even die from hyperthermia. The Mark Fish Foundation asked for assistance from the public with blankets and clothes to hand out to the homeless.

Mark Fish with the help of other members of the Mark Fish Foundation, cooked a small meal for the homeless on sunnyside streets. Some people on the streets said that this would be their first meal in a few days.

“This breaks my heart that the people on the street haven’t eaten a warm meal in so long. Some of the homeless aren’t there by choice. They just looking for an opportunity to better their lives and get out of the slumps. Nelson Mandela made a huge impact on my life, personally and giving 67mins on Nelson Mandela day is the least I can do.”

Mark Fish talking about his time with the homeless people in honouring Nelson Mandela during his 67 mins.

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